Wednesday, March 19

· the smell of spring ·

It always amazes me how the scent of something can transport you to a different time and place. I remember reading somewhere that our memories are closely tied to our sense of smell. To put it another way, our noses are a great memory inducer! It's like a natural high. The other night I was talking with a close friend of mine about how at the start of Spring it feels like my senses begin to wake-up. It's as if my senses have been hibernating. Everything seems to have a scent now... a scent that hadn't been there for several months. One scent that jogged my memory recently is kind of an odd one. My bedroom has taken-on a more inviting scent (not that it was bad before). It's kind of hard to explain this scent... it's one that reminds me of the first few days of summer. Back in my schooling days... those first days of summer would be filled with joy. Joy because I would have just finished another year of school and I didn't have to go back for 3 months! This scent can somehow bring about feelings of joy and sadness at the same time. The joy is there because I know warmer days are near... and sadness because I know that I can no longer fully enjoy those warm days like I used to. Oh how I long for those days of playing outside and going to the pool in the middle of the day... in the middle of the week!

What are some scents that bring back memories for you?

Here are some of my favorite "memory inducers":
• fresh cut grass (even though I'm allergic to it!)
• the smell the rain leaves behind on a balmy summer afternoon
• coffee brewing
• cooking with garlic
• scotch tape
• linden
• sunscreen
• clean towels
• iodine (weird, i know)
• spearmint
• fresh baked bread
• cucumber
• citrus fruits
• tropical hibiscus
• salty sea air
• the earthy smell of beets
• a good wine
• grilling
• moss
• pencil erasers


{ odette new york } said...

I second the following....
coffee (heck yeah!)
garlic (preferably roasting)
clean towels
baked bread
sea air

Just plain strange...
scotch tape
pencil erasers
iodine (at least you agree)

And I'll raise you...
vacation (everything smells better on vacation)
pine tree (in small seasonal doses)
baby's hair (why is this?)
whatever that scent was in Bali (mostly frangipani trees i think), i'll never forget it
the smell when you crack your windows open on the first nice day of spring
a campfire

{ odette new york } said...

i forgot lavender.

Steve said...

i love your new blog - please continue to post every day to give me a few minutes of sanity during my day.

personally, i like the smell of new electronics out of the package - yummy.

Emily said...

Adore it, Karin!

-definitely coffee brewing
-as a kid, the smell of pancakes wafting up to my bedroom when I woke up
-clothes washing & drying the laundry room
-woodsy, mossy smell in the mountains
-campfire (like jeni)

F1 Fan said...

I can certainly relate to all things related to Spring and the newness that it brings. I can still remember those early days of Spring where my mom would boil Rose Water on the stove top to freshen the scent throughout our house.

Anyways, what I wanted to say is that however nostalgic childhood memories can be, creating new ones as Adults can be equally rewarding.

May this Spring endow you with many sweet memories to remember through the years.

Looking forward to blog numero dos!