Saturday, May 31

· it's BIG ·

This is my favorite photo of Chris Noth and SJP (aka Big & Carrie) shot by Annie Leibovitz for the June Issue of Vogue. SJP's gown is gorgeous! I also love the chemistry between the two actors that is so evident in this shot. I haven't seen the movie yet but plan to see it next weekend with my roommate. I can't wait to see all the great couture...and Mr. Big (hubba, hubba).


jennifer said...

pretty color. but nothing beats the "mille feuille" versace gown she wore in the Paris episode when petrovsky stood her up. love that episode!

Karin said...

and don't forget the dress she wore on her first night in Paris! when 'the russian' came back to the suite to find carrie asleep amidst the beautiful ruffles!

jennifer said...

that's the one! "mille feuille," I think the translation is one thousand leaves or layers (can't remember the exact line but he mentions it when describing her dress.