Wednesday, July 30

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I am so excited about this gelato place that has opened in my neighborhood. Last night I took my twelve year old niece to get some gelato at Boccato. It was probably about my fifth visit to Boccato and I have LOVED every flavor I have sampled. Although, I have to say that the pink guava I had last night has got to be my favorite thus far! But the coconut gelato with a hint of cinnamon is a close second. One of the things I really like about the place is the ambiance. In the evenings the only light in the little shop comes from the glow of the freezer and a few lite candles along the windowsill. The owner, Cristian, is very nice and according to my mom "very charming". Cristian sat and chatted with me, my mom and niece for about 10 minutes before he closed up shop. What a nice little addition to the neighborhood!

If you live in Clarendon, you MUST go and sample some flavors! YUM!

(image via jennifer of odette)

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jennifer said...

i want to go back. right now.