Thursday, November 6

· i think i'm going delirium ·

It's funny, I had a glass of Delirium tremens last night for the first time. Why is that funny, you ask? Well, for someone who has loved the little pink elephant logo, the typography and the bottle for quite a few is a funny thing that I just tried the beer last night. I mean, I like good beer (especially Belgian beer) and I like good why haven't I tried the beer until now? I don't know! I honestly don't know! And it was good...and it was on tap...and served in the cute Delirium glass (which I own, I owned it without ever trying the beer...I think that makes me a little strange).

(image via japanese forms)

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Delicate Creature said...

hi, karin - i found you by way of one of your comments on A Cup of Jo. i'm really enjoying your blog and look forward to reading more. i am a long time fan of delirium!