Monday, April 27

· springtime garb ·

I have been on a shopping freeze for several months is tight you know. But with the warm weather rolling in, I had to look at some of the new spring clothing hitting the stores. So last Friday I took a stroll through Georgetown and I popped into Urban Outfitters... which may have been a bad idea when I'm trying to watch my money. Cute sundresses and skirts abound! I could have scooped up an armful of beautiful springtime outfits, but I negotiated with myself (does anyone else do this?) and bought just the one navy and tan sundress you see above. I think the stripped dress would be a super cute beach cover up...and I really like these sandals.

Check out odette's spring picks...her new necklace is gorgeous!


sarah said...

do you remember the apollo earrings giveaway from leah sakellarides on joanna's blog a few weeks ago?! well leah is giving away another beautiful piece this week on my blog, macaroni club! she is so talented, and so sweet to do this! i'd like to invite you to come visit macaroni club, and if you like this piece of leah's, sign up to win it!
xo... sarah

jennifer said...

thanks:) I want to go to g-town! Can we, can we?