Friday, March 11

· middleton place ·

I've been vacationing in the Charleston, South Carolina area every summer for over five years...and I am in love with it's charm! But how is it that I just recently found out about the Inn at Middleton Place? When I saw some photos on a friend's facebook page of a recent trip, I was in awe of the architecture of this inn and the way it blends into it's surroundings. Although my trips to Charleston involve my whole family, including my brother's five kids (whom I love dearly!), I wouldn't mind the opportunity to try out this place with a smaller group...or even just one other person. Oh, hold a special place in my heart!


rachel said...

wow, looks wonderful! I'd love to visit. hope you have a nice weekend :)

Justine @ Urban Scarlet said...

oh wow! the architecture and design is so stunning!

jennifer said...

Want to go there!