Tuesday, June 7

· 3 reasons for fighting ·

I have been following Melodime since before they were known as Melodime. And boy have they just continued to amaze me with their talent. The lead singer of the band, Mr. Bradley Rhodes, is the younger brother of a close friend of mine...so I'm lucky enough to actually know the members of the band. These photos are from their concert and cd release party last Friday at the State Theater in Falls Church, VA. It was such a fun and awesome show...I love to see how far they've come...the place was packed with people dancing and singing to all the songs (including myself!). If you get the chance, check out their newest album: 3 Reasons for Fighting.


Tinsley said...

It was such a great show. Thansk Karin for inviting me and turning me on to Melodime.

Gail said...

Karin it was great seeing you there!! YES...it was an Awesome show!! I'm so proud of all the Melodime boys! I just might get to see them in Brooklyn this week! And...a few of them are staying with us this weekend to do some recordings in NYC!! :) Granny B is still telling folks about you coming up and asking her "the secret" to staying so young!! You made her night!!! Thanks for being YOU! <3

Karin said...

Thanks Gail...you just brought a smile to my face! It was great seeing you and the rest of the Jennings family. Granny B is a sweetheart and I hope to be attending rock concerts when I'm her age (Lord willing!). You guys have fun with the boys this weekend! :)