Wednesday, October 19

· sweetness ·

A few weeks back my friend, Morgane, was in town from London and I got to visit with her for an afternoon. I took her to my favorite coffee shop where we enjoyed some yummy cookies and a cortado. Morgane spends a lot of time in France with her family (she's half french, how cool is that?) and she kindly brought me a jar of craquamel...I like to pronounce it "crack-a-mel" in sinfully addictive caramel. But this caramel has these toasty nut bits in it, that may sound weird...but trust me, it is scrumptious! Those french sure know how to do sweets! Thanks Morgane!


jennifer said...

yum, i want to try everything! hi to morgane!

Lauren Margaret said...

Nice photos! I really want to go to Northside Social - we moved to ARL in July and still haven't been :(