Friday, August 3

product review: love springs eternal

I received a sample of One Love Organics' Love Springs Eternal a few months ago and I quickly fell in love with this product. The company calls it a 'youth preservation serum', but I use it as a hydrating moisturizing oil that I pat over my entire face and neck right before I go to bed each night. Not only does this oil smell AMAZING from the mix of watermelon seed oil, rose oil and neroli, but it feels so good!
I was at first hesitant because of it being an oil (even though my skin tends to be a bit dehydrated at times), however this oil absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves behind soft, smooth and lightly fragrant skin. The scent of the oil is perfect for nighttime application because of it's calming and soothing properties. In the morning I wake up with hydrated skin that is brighter and clearer. I have noticeably clearer skin (less acne scars and redness) and it is definitely softening my fine lines (darn you 30-something skin!). I also have noticed that I have had fewer break-outs since using this oil. It truly is a multi-purpose oil that has replaced the need for a separate serum and evening moisturizer.

And I am so happy to know that this product is truly good for my skin:
"One Love Organics is a natural, ethical and environmentally driven cosmetics company created by skilled cosmetic artisans. Our products are hand-made and hand-filled, using only the highest grade of ethically sourced raw materials to ensure the most effective, luxurious and guilt-free application."

{image & quote via One Love Organics}

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