Wednesday, October 3

apartment envy

My friend Elizabeth pretty much lives in the coolest apartment in dc. The building she lives in is a converted school, so there are all these unique features that remind you of the building's past life. Some of my favorite features are the exposed brick walls, concrete floors, high ceilings, tall windows and the widest hall stairwell that I have ever seen! Back in May, Elizabeth had me and my roommate over for some pineapple sangria and chickpea tacos - we were planning our trip to Charleston (which seems so long ago now). One other very cool feature (that I didn't get a good photo of) is the loft space that overlooks the open living room & kitchen area. This small loft space has a cozy reading chair and lamp, so if you're not afraid of heights, this is a nice place to read and relax (or get a birds-eye view of the place like I did for several of these photos). Needless to say, I definitely have apartment envy...

p.s. the second photo is of a glass of sangria from above...pretty cool, huh? Looks like a bubble!

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ashleyTIA said...

Wow - her place is gorgeous. At some point in my life I will have to live in a home with exposed brick. : )