Tuesday, October 30

time indoors

Forced to stay indoors by Hurricane Sandy, my roommate and I had to find some ways to keep ourselves entertained...so we may have watched both Bridget Jones movies, tried infusing raspberry Jolly Ranchers into vodka, organized my nail polish by color and painted my nails for Halloween.

Thankfully we survived the heavy wind and rain safely and damage-free (minus a small leak in our kitchen). I know we are very fortunate. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been majorly affected by the hurricane.

(nails: Julep in Brandt & Revlon in Sequins)


Sarah said...

Beautiful photos! Love your nail polish. :)

Kelly said...

How was the raspberry infusion? Did it work?? Glad that you, and DC, are okay.

jennifer said...

BJD #1 will always be one of my faves:)

ashleyTIA said...

prettily organized polishes = <3