Monday, May 27

strawberry picking in crozet

A couple weekends ago I had a strawberry picking date with my sister-in-law (and two nieces and a nephew). I have been wanting to go strawberry picking for several years now, but for some reason or another it hasn't quite panned out...until this year. Since my brother's family lives in Charlottesville, I drove out to them and from there we headed out to Chiles Orchard in Crozet, a picturesque town about 15 minutes outside of Charlottesville that sits in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a perfect afternoon for picking strawberries - mid-70s, no humidity and no crowds. We came home with several (I think about six) boxes full of ripe, bright red berries. I have to admit my main purpose for wanting fresh strawberries is to make freezer sister-in-law and I stayed up until 2am making numerous batches, which I will be devouring all summer!


jennifer said...

Looks like the perfect day!!

Rosie said...

These photos are gorgeous! I've been wanting to go strawberry picking for so so long now! Maybe this summer I'll finally get round to it!