Sunday, July 24

· shoes & coffee ·

After reading Ashley's post about Shoes Cup & Cork Club in Old Town Leesburg I decided to head out in that direction after church to try a cup. I went with the Shoes' Mocha Peppermint Coconut, interesting combination, but tasty all the same. I forgot my camera (bummer), so I borrowed my friend's iphone to snap a few shots. Such a cute café/coffee shop with a lot of character. I will definitely be back. Thank you Ashley for sharing!

sidenote: While I was in the area, I also visited my favorite Leesburg restaurant, The Wine Kitchen, for lunch. I didn't snap any good shots while I was there, but I highly recommend the place for tasty wine and food.


jennifer said...

Fun! In Leesburg no less, good to know.

Ashley said...

Hooray! So glad you liked it. :D