Monday, August 1

· end of week and weekend ·

It is hot in the DC area, I mean HOT, like 95 to 100 degrees with heat indexes of 110! So most of my days are spent indoors trying to stay cool. And my favorite way to stay cool is by enjoying an iced coffee...which I crave every day during the summer. So I kinda hop from café to café to keep cool and satisfy my craving. Thankfully there are many great coffee shops in and around I have a lot of great places to choose from. Here's a list of some of my favorite places: Cassatt's, Northside Social, Open City, Caffé Amouri...and that is just to name a few! How about you, how are you staying cool this summer?

p.s. that baby bunny in the last photo is one of the many bunnies that live in the courtyard at my apartment complex. so cute. :)


Ashley said...

New summertime goal - visit everyone of these cafes. They all sound so great!

jennifer said...

you got a photo of the bunny, so cute!