Thursday, September 29

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Ok, this is just a quick product review, but I bought this mascara a couple weeks ago because I got sucked into the cool shape of the brush (yes, I have a problem). Let me preface this by saying I normally buy pricier mascaras because I've found that the formulas really are smoother, less clumpy and last longer...but, like I said, I wanted to try out the brush. The short and sweet is that I like it a lot...especially for the price. The brush really does get every lash and makes them look longer. I'm not a huge fan of the mascara formula itself, I find that the majority of cheaper mascaras tend to clump and flake, and this one isn't any different, but overall I like the way this mascara made my eyelashes look. So if you're looking for a new (cheap) mascara, you may want to give this one a try!

So tell me, what mascara do you use, I'd love to know!

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Sarah said...

I use the Cover Girl lash blast...because they came in a three pack from Costco! :) I find it works pretty good, not clumpy and definitely easy to apply.