Wednesday, October 5

· weekend goodness ·

My weekend was decidedly low-key and lame...but much needed. I spent most of this chilly weekend planted on the couch wearing my striped/fuzzy/aloe-infused (oh yes!) socks watching Felicity on netflix. Very exciting! But you know, sometimes you just need weekends like that.


Andrew and Rebekah said...

love felicity...whenever i watch it i am immediately transported back to my college days!

jennifer said...

That does look warm and cozy...nice flip phone! I do miss those:)

Sarah said...

I knew we were kindred spirits! Felicity is one of my all time favorite shows. Fall is the perfect time to watch it. Now, I must ask the most important question of all: Ben or Noel?

Karin said...

Rebekah: yes, instant transport to it!

Sarah: That is the question!And I think back in college I was a bigger Noel fan (I was all about cute, nice and sweet), but let me tell you, there is just something about that Ben! I can see why Felicity followed him to NYC...that smile of, yeah he's pretty sexy. LOL! How about you?

Oh, and Jeni...I know you're jealous of my flip phone, that baby saves me mucho dollars a month! :)