Wednesday, May 9

best lip product...ever!

Bold statement I know - but seriously, this stuff is (I want to say "da bomb" but won't) what lipstick/gloss/stain dreams are made of! I don't know how YSL did it, but the formulation on their Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain (phew!) is the best I have ever tried. And believe me, I have tried numerous glosses, lipsticks, stains, name it!...and nothing feels as-good-as or lasts as-long-as this glossy stain. Of course, it is a bit of a splurge, but the price is definitely worth the quality. After seeing it mentioned here and here, I decided to gift myself with one for my b-day. I hadn't exactly planned on getting it when I walked into Sephora, but once I swiped it on my lips I knew I was sold. The consistency is like a moisturizing gloss, and it stays glossy the entire time you have it on. My usual complaint with stains is that they are too drying and that they don't wear evenly...I do not have that trouble with this stain. This stain feels great and looks great! These glossy-stains are heavily pigmented, so that the colors pop. Other stains I have tried tend to dye your lips, similar to eating a red popsicle, but these wear like an all-day gloss or creamy lipstick. I find that I only have to touch-up after eating a meal, and even then there is still a hint of color left on my lips. I decided to go with #15 Rose Vinyl (pictured above), which isn't so much rosy, but maybe more of a tulip pink (in my opinion). The only negative, and I'm not sure it's even a negative, is the slight tackiness...but it doesn't bother me because it is very slight and it is what keeps your lips moisturized. I am looking forward to wearing this all spring and summer...and I have a feeling I will be adding more shades to my collection in the future!

Feel-free to leave any questions or comments below...I'd love to know if anyone else has tried it!

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