Wednesday, May 16

photo date

A couple weekends ago I met up with my good friend, Ashley, for an afternoon photo date. We headed into the town of Leesburg, grabbed some lunch at Shoes Cup and Cork Club and then walked around the town with our cameras. It was an overcast day, but thankfully the rain held so that we could capture some of the beautiful flowers and historic buildings in the area. It was fun to just walk wherever we felt so inclined...there was a lot of "right or left?" followed by a shrug of the shoulders, which was nice since we both weren't on any time crunch. I definitely need to take advantage of the surrounding dc area more often...and make "photo dates" a regular activity on my calendar.

Check out Ashley's awesome photos from our afternoon here.


Funnelcloud Rachel said...

I love both of your photos from this day - so gorgeous!

I definitely want to go on some photo dates - it's nice to finally have friends who are interested in photography. (Larry gets so impatient with me for always stopping to take pictures!)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I'm up for a photo date anytime! There's nothing I like more than wandering around a new place and getting lost a little bit. I'll be in Leesburg next week for a work thing -- I'll have to make sure I get out and explore a bit.